As an innovative and life-changing network, KAG TV Network l mission is to provide intelligent programming that is informative, educational, entertaining, inspiring, and empowering to its African American audience. KAG TV is an independent network, minority-owned and operated by Thinking Black Men, LLC. KAG TV plans to only provide programming created by African Americans. KAG TV plans to illuminate the truth by authentically representing our dynamic African American communities.

KAG TV has a real opportunity to change lives and mindsets through the creation of a singular news organization based on a profoundly unique and critically important premise. KAG TV will serve up authentic, responsible and responsive news and entertainment to Black Americans. KAG TV’s news will include the priorities, issues and realities of our community. KAG TV inspires to make a deep, rich connection to the community as we serve as an antidote to today’s toxic news environment.